Maintenance for Retractable Screens

Many of our customers who are interested in purchasing a Retractable Screen Door often times tell us that they had them in the past and they worked great for the first few months and then they started running worse and worse until finally they were unusable. There is a reason this happens with Retractable Screen Doors and it is just like anything else that operates… It needs maintenance! Just like your car, gun, or anything mechanical they all need to be maintained to be in working condition for years to come! Luckily when it comes to Retractable Screen Doors, it is a simple process and does not take a lot of time to do! With our Retractable Screen Doors, they come with a frame that encloses the screen and keeps it safe from dirt, dust, and the outside elements, which for the most part is great. But the main component that will need to be maintained is the bottom track of the unit. When the Retractable Screen Door is not in use, the casing does a great job to protect the screen, but the bottom track will always be exposed to the elements. For this reason, when we have dirt, dust, leaves and bugs around this track, it will inevitably collect it all. When this does happen and you use the Retractable Screen Door, it will roll out along the bottom track, and when you go to roll it back up, it will suck up all the loose elements in the track and roll up with the screen. This is the main reason why Retractable Screen Doors get a bad name. Maintaining a Retractable Screen Door is quite simple and only takes minutes about once a month to do.

The Steps

First off, what you will need: A vacuum, a rag, and a can of pledge. That is right, pledge! People often ask why not use WD-40? Pledge acts as a polisher and repels the dirt and dust, WD-40 will work great for the first little bit, but soon thereafter will collect the dirt and dust, and instead of repelling the dirt, it will collect it and form mud

Second, you will clean the track: First, we vacuum the track out as best we can. If it is bad, you can get a hose with water and flush out the track

Third, you get the rag and spray, very liberally, a corner of the rag with the pledge and wipe the track out with the rag. This will get a lot of debris out of the track and in the process, it will lubricate it very nicely. 

Fourth, pull the screen out 6-8 inches and spray the pledge in the very corner of the screen on the bottom where the track meets the screen. Once you have a nice pile of pledge built up, you can roll the screen back and forth 10-15 times to really work the pledge in the corner of the screen.

If you see the screen itself is dirty when fully opened, simply spray the screen with your trusty Pledge and wipe it off with the rag. Pledge is the BEST thing you can use on a Retractable Screen Door and you can never use too much Pledge in maintaining your Retractable Screen Door. These steps can be repeated as necessary to get the result you want. Obviously, the more often you maintain your Retractable Screen Door, the better off you are in keeping it working and operating as it should! 

If you have any major issues or repairs please reach out to Southern Desert Sun for any of your Retractable Screen Door needs! 

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