Traditional Screen Door vs. Retractable Screen Door 

We are very fortunate to live in beautiful Southern Utah where we get to enjoy amazing weather nearly all year long. This means we have so many reasons to be outside and enjoy keeping the doors open to allow some of the cool breeze inside. Rather you’re grilling or enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book indoors or out you can always enjoy a screen door to allow the cool breeze inside your home and to keep bugs and debris outside. 

One of the question I get asked most from my customers is: Why a Retractable Screen Door versus traditional screen door or most commonly know as Storm Door? 

Traditional Screen Door/Storm Door 

Sometimes it is all about the curb appeal!  Some people do not like the look of storm doors or do not feel they match the overall style of the home. Even storm doors will still block out some portion of the front door itself. If someone does not want to impact the look of their front door, especially if it is a custom door, they may opt not to have a storm door installed. 

Storm doors are usually an aluminum mounting frame with an aluminum frame that has either glass, screens, or a combination of the two in the center panel of the door. Storm doors are mounted on the outside, or in front of, an exterior door. They are typically seen on front entry doors but can be installed on other exterior doors depending on their intended purpose. 

Storm Doors can be comparable in price to Retractable Screen Door but are often more expensive depending on the style and size needed. Storm doors typically have to be ordered and on average take 2-3 weeks before installation can be completed.

 If you are the type of person that leaves the main door open to allow your home to air-out, then a full view storm door may not be for you. Screened or ventilating doors allow you let in a fresh breeze, while keeping out bugs and outdoor debris. With a full view door, you will have to open the door wide to let in a breeze.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors provide a lot of great benefits that the traditional screen or storm door do not provide. They are hidden only when you need them, when not in use the retractable screen rolls up nice and tightly into a housing that is strategically mounted on the outside frame of your door. The benefits of only using the screen when you need them is that when the screen is not being used it is out of the way and in a safe location, hidden from harmful elements of the world like dirt and damaging sun rays. The housing and all the parts that come along with the retractable screen door are powder coated meaning the life of the parts are going to exceed the elements and will last a very long time. 

Our Retractable Screen Doors come in a variety of colors to provide a perfect match for your front door or back door.  As our customer we will take the time to make sure the color you want will compliment your door and home to ensure complete satisfaction with the purchase and install of your new Retractable Screen Door. 

Every door opening is different in size. When we come and take measurements, every single door is custom built on the spot for each and every specific opening providing a tight seal for our retractable screen door. When not in use the retractable screen door is tightly, neatly and simply out of the way providing a clear and un-obstructed view to the outer world. Simply put you only see them when you need them! So while you are letting the nice cool breeze in, you’re keeping the bugs out!

Average cost of a Retractable Screen Door is typically $565-$585 installed depending on the size and in most cases we can install your retractable screen door the same day. Pricing does vary for single Retractable Screen Doors versus double Retractable Screen Doors for French door openings. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation. 

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